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slide 5853 79014 large Angelina Jolie is probably pregnant and Brad Pitt definitely suicidal

What with Jesse James-playing Hitler who likes to throw feces on strippers and porn stars and catch it all on camera for his porn library-scandal and all, we lost sight of what’s really important in this universe. Which is when will that pivotal moment occur when Angelina Jolie will go completely psycho and jam a steak knife in a sleeping Brad Pitt’s abdominal aorta while a recording of children crying will be playing in the background.

Alas, we’re not there yet. Instead, we’re now receiving news that she might be pregnant for the 4th time…which probably happened when Brad Pitt was once again sleeping…this time with a little help of Propofol because you never know when the bastard might wake up and try to take off the vacuum pump stuck to his penis.

Via ShowbizSpy:

The actress — who raises three biological and three adopted children with partner Brad Pitt — was apparently suffering from “chronic morning sickness” during a recent meeting for a movie project in Los Angeles.

“Angelina could barely eat anything,” a source told Britain’s Grazia magazine.

“She was really green around the gills. Later, she turned down the project — for now — and everyone’s saying it’s because she is in the early stages of pregnancy.

“It’s all anyone is talking about. No one can believe she’s pregnant again but the signs seem impossible to ignore.”

The source said that Angelina has been chronically tired on set — which, friends say, is always a sign of impending motherhood for the actress.

“The crew have been rushing around to find a chair for her to sit on in-between takes after a long day standing around,” explained the insider.

“She is pale and and looks a little weak — but she also looks very calm and contented. She seems to have relaxed a lot since making her last movie, Salt.”

Last week, the source adds, Jolie requested red grape juice instead of wine as she filmed a scene with Johnny Depp for The Tourist.

“He’s known for getting into character and drinking the real thing when he films, but Angelina has been declining — and she would normally join in,” said the mole.

FYI, the pics are from their recent trip to the Bosnian refugee camps.

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