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medium fbecc4d9f49c91db93dc3584468be04a Even Official Government Websites Are a Scam In Nigeria [Hackers]In the U.S., Nigeria is well-known for419 scams, where fake princes scam dumb Americans out of millions of dollars in cash. Now even the website for the country’s top tech authority has been hacked and turned into a phishing scam.

The Nigerian government’s National Information Technology Development Agency is hosting a fake login page for Britain’s Halifax bank, according to anti-phishing firm Netcraft. It was likely put there by scammers trying to steal account information.

As Netcraft notes, it’s especially embarrassing since the NITDA is the “clearing house for IT projects in Nigeria, and establishes a set of security guidelines” for the federal government.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Mr. Mbote needs my immediate assistance to transfer $40,000,000USD to ZURICH, SWITZERLAND.

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