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David Letterman loves celebrities who do celebrity impressions. So it was inevitable with Brian Williams on the “Late Show” (Weeknights, 11:35 p.m. EST on CBS), that Letterman was going to want to hear his Regis Philbin impression. Williams, who could have easily had a career in comedy had he not become a newsman, seemed prepared for this possibility.

“I’ve watched Matt Damon suffer through multiple appearances,” he said. “You don’t let him leave until he does Matthew McConaughey, and I’ve always feared that this would be my fate in life.”

While Williams didn’t give Letterman his Philbin impression just because, it did come out when they were talking about the scooter incident when Philbin was a guest on the show. Both men agreed it was reckless and Philbin could have died, but Letterman insisted he didn’t encourage Philbin to ride the scooter.

“I’ve got the throttle, I have one of these out in the Hamptons!” Williams shouted in a dead-on Regis Philbin impression. That’s the sort of positive reinforcement that’s only going to ensure Letterman will want to hear it again next time he’s on the show.

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