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howie dorough 240 Another Backstreet Baby for Howie DoroughJoe Scarnici/Getty

Happy, happy 39th birthday, indeed!

Kicking off his celebratory week, Backstreet BoysHowie Dorough took to Twitter on Monday to announce that he and his wife Leigh are expecting their second son.

“Thanks to family, friends fans for all the amazing birthday wishes,” the singer Tweeted. “This year I’m receiving the best gift from my wife: another baby boy!”

Already dad to 3-year-old son James Hoke, Dorough — who wed Leigh in December 2007 – is the first to admit that this week is already at the top of his charts.

“I know it’s not until Wed, but I already feel like I am having an incredible bday with the baby boy news and all of the amazing bday wishes!” he writes.

– Anya Leon

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