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reg Michelle Williams and Matilda Cheerfully Return to NYCJackson Lee/NPG

Despite having left their sandals in California, demure big-screen star Michelle Williams and her daughter, Matilda Ledger, looked like nothing but sunshine as they held hands leaving a New York City airport Wednesday.

The cute mother and daughter duo returned to the Big Apple after having spent their summer vacation at her boyfriend Jason Segel‘s Los Angeles abode.

Wearing a gray bohemian-looking knitted sweater, black tennis shoes and Ray-Bans, the My Week With Marilyn star held on to her radiant  glow even after parting with the comedy actor.

Jason Segel, Michelle Williams and Matilda’s magical day in Los Angeles

A short but sweet stay! The bicoastal couple had a great time as the How I Met Your Mother star proved to be quite the host, treating his lovely ladies to many different things, including a trip to see Snow White at the Pantages Theatre along with a visit to the Magic Castle.

Glad to see that distance poses no problem for this darling Hollywood couple.

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