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is sticking by his ‘bama beauty queen, .

Miss Alabama USA (at Trump‘s request, according to the entrepreneur) this morning to discuss after commenter Brent Musburger focused an excessive amount of attention on the brunette beauty’s stunning appearance during boyfriend AJ McCarron‘s .

Although she admitted to being by the attention, she also noted that no apology was necessary, and it looks like Miss USA organization owner Donald Trump agrees. 

Speaking to E! News correspondent , Trump admits that he wasn’t surprised by Webb’s overnight fame, while gushing over his “amazing” pageant superstar and sounding off on the sport’s network apology.

“I don’t know why ESPN apologized. I thought that what they said and I frankly thought that Brett…he said what everybody was thinking,” Trump told E! News with a shrug.

“Look at all these guys they’re all agreeing! Do we agree fellas?” he added while gesturing to the crowd on the carpet. 

“Some people thought he was objectifying her, it was too much,” Quarles pointed out.

“Look, he called her a beautiful woman,” Trump simply stated. “I think for them to have apologized for what he said was absolutely insane.”

But Trump wasn’t only celeb who weighed in on Miss Webb. Miss Universe (and former Miss USA) Olivia Culpo also revealed that she’s “not at all” surprised by the attention Katherine received during Monday night’s game.

“She’s a confident, beautiful woman. What is not to love?” Culpo gushed, paying compliments to her famous friend. “She’s also so sweet and she’s smart! She’s handling this media and fame and overnight success really well.”

But of course, it wouldn’t be a complete Trump interview without quick political topic.

So, will the business savvy star be running for office anytime soon? 

“Well everybody wants me to, but we’ll see what happens.”

You , Donald? 

(E! and Today are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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