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medium Japans Most Wanted Hacker Taunts Authorities with Clue Taped to a Cat Japan’s most-wanted hacker is also one its most brazen. After taunting authorities for months, the hacker sent them a in the form of a memory card strapped to a cat which lived on an island near Tokyo. Above is video of the authorities capturing the cat on January 5th, which was tracked down only after they solved a bunch of riddles the hacker emailed to dozens of Japanese newspapers on New Years Day.

The hacker, dubbed “enkaku,” has been for months. He or she created a virus known as iesys.exe, which allows them to take control of unsuspecting internet users’ computers. The Enkaku hacker has then posted anonymous treats of violence on the internet and generally caused online havoc. Enkaku’s been so elusive that authorities are offering a bounty of around $34,000 for leading to Enkaku’s arrest.

The police are still analyzing the collar, according to Japanese news reports, but as far as we can tell the cat was let off without even a warning. It’s not the strangest thing that’s ever happened involving .

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