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Ladies and gentlemen of Panem, may we present Finnick Odair.

After an intense casting process (the part eventually went to Snow White and the Huntsman‘s ) we now get the first official look at one of the most beloved characters in The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, courtesy of .

Soooooo…what do you think? We’ve scoured the Internet and have read the good (Lookin’ good in that wetsuit, Sammy! Can’t wait to see you in the fishnets, wink wink), the bad (He’s not buff enough? His hair washes him out! It should have been Armie Hammer!) and the ugly (He’s ugly).

To which we say: . She who would eventually become Katniss was ripped apart before fans saw a single frame of the film. So what does Claflin describe as “the scariest moment of my life”? Pick up EW on newsstands Friday to find out (hint: it has to do with the aforementioned fishnets).

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theaters Nov. 21.

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