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You Can Help Jon Stewart and The Daily Show Buy CNN

Rupert Murdoch,
as you may have heard, wants to buy Time Warner. If that were to happen, the 83-year-old media mogul would be forced to sell off Time Warner-subsidiary CNN, a direct competitor to Fox News, a Murdoch property. But who has the $10 billion dollars it would take to

title="View all articles about buy here">buy the network?

You do! Or, Jon Stewart thinks you do, anyway. On a segment last night, Stewart introduced Let’s Buy CNN a (totally fictional) crowdfunding campaign to purchase the cable news giant. The rewards on offer are tempting: $10 gets you in a CNN box; $15,000 gets you in a CNN box with Carol Costello, and, most importantly, for 25 grand, you’ll be popping molly with Fareed Zakaria.

The only question: in a hypothetical universe where this Kickstarter is real, would a Daily Show-run CNN be more or less of a joke than a CNN-run CNN?

[h/t The Wire]

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